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Your M&A Partner

We are with you throughout the M&A

As your consultants we can support you through all the M&A phases no matter if it is on Buyer or Seller side.

M&A Consulting

Our consulting team work in all phases of the M&A process. We can assist with management of the Program Management Office, or we can assist with Due Diligence.

There are many other tasks in an M&A where we can be helpful. We can hold interim positions until the new organization is ready to take over and we can manage specific project like moving production facilities from one country to another.

Experienced Consultants

Our team of consultant cover years of experience from various industries.


Supply Chain

Transportation, Working Capital, Warehouse Management and Procurement.


Industrial Operation

Kanban and LEAN implementations, relocation of production facilities and Make/Buy strategies. 


Information Technologies

IT Security, License Management, ERP implementations, BI Implementation and Software Development.


Human Resources

Bonus and Reward schemes. Bonus/KPI measurements, organizational development and retention planning.

Due Diligence

We assist Seller in collecting and building up information in the dataroom. We can even provide a secure virtuel data room. We also assist buyers in evaluating documents in the data room. 

Pre- and Post Merger

We can assist in most activities in the pre-merger phase. We can plan and prepare the process. During the Merger we can assist in various ways e.g. Program and Project Management or specific tasks related to HR, IT, Logistic or Operations.

Sell Side Advisory

We can advice and participate in the whole process from Due Diligence to Post Merger.

Buy Side Advisory

We can advice and take part in planning and participation in all the Merger phases.

Business Support

We assist our clients in optimizing their business prior to an acquisition.


With or representation in Europe, Noerth America and network in Asia we can assist worldwide.

Main Office

Charlottenlund Stationsplads 2
2920 Charlottenlund


Phone: +1 (616) 827 7474 
Phone: +45 4256 6672


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