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We connect Business Owners with Investors. Our work and portfolio include type of businesses from Pre SEED to Series D. We also provide M&A consulting services from Due Diligence to Pre- and Post Mergers phases.


We are experienced consultants from various industries and we are located in Europe and USA.


We have services that are directly designed to support investors no matter if the are Business Angels or Venture Capital.


We assist Businesses and their owners to acquire capital or to locate potential buyers. We will be at your side throughout the process.


Our services comprise all phases in the M&A process both on Buyer and Seller side. We can also help to uptime your business.


We have teamed up with a lot of strategic partners who enable us to offer our customers the best solution no matter if it is within consulting services, business brokerage or investments.

Our Focus

The scope of our business is based on Mergers and Acquisitions. We have a strong network of Business Angels, Venture Capital Fonds and Private Investment Firms who constantly are searching for their next strategic investment.

We always have a range of businesses who are looking for investors or buyers. 

Our M&A services help your organization through all the phases in a M&A no matter if it is Buyer or Seller side.



Information Technology


Maritime Industry


Industry 4.0



No matter if you as a business owner is loooking for investors or buyers we can get you connected. Learn more...

M&A Consulting

We can assist your organization with Due Diligence or through all phases in the M&A. Both Buyer and Seller side - Learn more...

Business Opportunities

We are connected with a wide range of businesses who are looking for investors and industry insight. Learn more...

How to succeed

Our services are designed to help you - world wide

  1. International - our consultants and our network is based internationally and it enables us to support and bridge M&A international and cross cultural challenges. Read more!
  2. Diverse background - lawyers, auditors and financial analytics never miss in M&A but do you also have the skills to manage IT, HR, Supply Chain and Operations? We have - our M&A consultants have a background from these industries. Read more!
  3. Preparation - is your organization ready to meet new investors or prepared for an acquisition? Good preparation may increase the value of your company and increase how attractiveness to potential investors. We can assist you in this process. Read more! 
Main Office

Charlottenlund Stationsplads 2
2920 Charlottenlund


Phone: +1 (616) 827 7474 
Phone: +45 4256 6672


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