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The right opportunity

No matter if you are an investor looking for the right opportunity or a business looking for capital  - we can help.

We serve a broad range of international investors. Those investors represent Business Angels, Venture Capital and Private Investment Firms. Their focus varies from Pre-Seed to mature companies and also the industries they prefer. We fully understand the differences and know to serve them all.   


We help in building up funds. We create possible investors and present the case and get them on board as co-investor.

Investment cases

Finding suitable targets can be time consuming. We can assist in this task with identifying and contacting target companies.

Initial contact

If you need to make a discreet contact to a possible target then we can do it anonymous on your behalf.

Related Services

We can offer to assist investors with services like due diligence analysis, pre- and post merger consultancy.


Setting up a Fund?

Finding a coinvestor can be a time consuming taks. We have a strong network of investors who might be interested your fund.


We advice and support your efforts to set up a fund. Having the fundamentels in place. We can assist you with that.


Its so important to have access to the exactly right investors. Our base is with a worldwide representation and we cover a broad range of different industries from robotics to Renewables.


We assist you exactly where your needs are when it comes to M&A

Board Positions

We can add industry specific knowledge and network to your board with our experienced consultants.

Program Management

We can assist in your acquisition process by handling the Program Management or relevant Project Management.  


Ad hoc

During an Mergers and Acquisitions there are a huge amount of time consuming tasks - you can assist.


We can assist your process by analysing past acquisitions in the market that match your target.

Main Office

Charlottenlund Stationsplads 2
2920 Charlottenlund


Phone: +1 (616) 827 7474 
Phone: +45 4256 6672


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